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My story

Lisette Maas

I have done a lot of interesting things in my life. However, what I failed to do is take good care of myself. That’s why in 2014 I hit an all-time low. There were so many positive things to be grateful for: three wonderful children, a beautiful grandson, a great partner to share life’s ups and downs with and a challenging job as a teacher. And yet, my energy was gone. Things had to change.

Making the right choices became an important theme because with little energy there is not a lot you can do. As time went on I learned to take better care of myself and my energy slowly returned. In this period I also realised that I thrive on being active and spending time outdoors.

Coaching students was one of the responsibilities that I loved best about my job so when I heard about the outdoor coaching programme by Hilde Backus I enrolled and found my passion: coaching outdoors, away from the everyday hustle and bustle yet still right in the middle of life. Ralph Moorman’s Hormoonfactor training programme has taught me a great deal about how to deal with energy problems from a hormonal perspective. And Godfried Kleinsmann has shown me how the gentle rhythms of holistic pulsing can help stimulate awareness and acceptance.

My story would not be complete without thanking Erik Meijs for inspiring, guiding and encouraging me to explore, let go and transform my life.

vlinderGonna live my live everyday I’m gonna touch the sky
And spread these wings and fly

From “Everyday” – Bon Jovi

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